Expert Reports and Enforcement of Judgements

informe periciales

INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES specialises in preparing expert reports, both for out-of-court proceedings in order to help the parties involved reach an agreement, and for court proceedings, where the report helps to support a lawsuit or defend the defendant.

In the case of out-of-court reports, each unique document is written based on the situation in question, the claim that is being made, and the liabilities of the accused, with a view to reaching an agreement between the parties involved, saving the time and money that would be spent if the case were to reach the courts. Experience has taught us that in most cases this is sufficient.

Reports for court proceedings are written based on the situation in question, the corresponding technical documentation and the liabilities of each of the parties involved in the construction process, always in accordance with the relevant law (Spanish Building Act (LOE), Civil Code, etc.) and the technical regulations that apply to the case. The aim in these cases is to provide technically justified reports so that a claim, or in some cases a defence, is sufficiently backed up.

The same expert who writes the report will be the one who attends the court as an expert witness if required, preparing his or her appearance in court with the relevant lawyer beforehand if deemed necessary.

INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES boasts a highly skilled team made up of experts with a variety of different backgrounds and specialities, covering all the professionals involved in the construction process (engineers, architects, surveyors, etc.). As a result, we are able to write reports pertaining to the following areas:

  • Illness resulting from construction materials used
  • Civil liability
  • Counter reports
  • Covered risks
  • Material damages
  • Material damages

As part of our enforcement of judgements service, we will provide guidance based on the sentence given as well as technical support to both the lawyer and the sentenced party. In cases of joint liability, we will negotiate with the different parties involved to decide how much each one will contribute to the amount due. We will also provide technical help for the execution of works, if appropriate