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INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES employs a team of highly qualified construction experts who can plan, manage and oversee everything involved in the building design, planning, construction and management process.

We try to ease the burden on developers by taking care of all the technical and financial tasks that arise over the course of each project. The developers always have the final word, and we work in accordance with their needs, carrying out all the specialised management work required. 

This means that the developers have more time to devote to the more important aspects of their business, seeking out top-quality plots and marketing their products.

All of the work that we do is designed to meet the unique goals and objectives of each of our clients. The tasks are split into three categories:

  • Planning:
    • General investment planning/scheduling.
    • Drawing up an initial estimated budget.
    • Organising and coordinating all parties.
  • Execution:
    • General organisation and management.
    • Overseeing all relations with different government and council bodies.
    • Technical advisory services to define project requirements.
    • Overseeing the construction process.
  • Management:
    • Management of licences and permits.
    • Project management.
    • Contractor management.


INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES can help with construction projects that have been stopped for whatever reason, completing the building work and providing the following services:

  • Valoración e informe técnico y económico completo de la obra ejecutada y pendiente.
  • -Assessment and complete technical and financial report on the work carried out and the work pending
  • Updating and processing of licences and permits
  • On-site project management if necessary (technical support)
  • Works planning and contracting
  • Construction work and overseeing costs, deadlines and quality
  • Handover and inauguration of the building
  • Obtaining First Occupancy Licence and permits required from the Regional Ministry of Industry and suppliers


INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES boasts a team of professionals with different backgrounds who can help with your architecture, engineering, urban development and interior design projects. Our architecture department will take on whole construction projects from start to finish.

We provide a complete technical and management service to meet our clients' needs.


INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES also carries out land surveys and management tasks in order to optimise land use in accordance with the urban development regulations in place in each municipality.


INSULAE SUR CONSULTORES works with a number of partners to provide end product marketing services. This means that we can offer you the complete package, starting with land surveys and continuing right up to the moment the properties are handed over to their owners.